Summer Camp Registration

“You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety.” Abraham Maslow

4 Day Virtual Summer Camp July 13th-16th
Cost: $145 (We have 1 scholarship slot open, please email [email protected])

Our virtual summer camp has something for everyone – boys & girls from ages 6-11 years old. 

Join Gaitrie Devi as she helps to inspire, excite, launch your child to a new level of connection and learning of Indian culture and dance.


What your kids should look forward to:
*Learn 3 different types of stories from the Indian culture
*Learn basic mudras/hastas of Indian dance
*Learn the foundations of Indian Classical dance
*Learn the Gujrati folk dance, Garba

Students will gain:
*Appreciation of cultural dance forms
*Understanding of why one of Indian’s richest form of art is dance
*A sense of confidence in oneself
*Understanding of Indian traditions and culture and the importance it is to the people (those who live in Indian and those who have taken it with them to other countries)
*Friendships and a mentor

Cost includes: Devi Bollywood Camp T-shirt, Notebook, and Program Materials (will be mailed/dropped off to student prior to the start of program).

Once you have completed the registration form a payment request will be sent to you. Payments can be made either through Venmo, Paypal or Check.

*Gaitrie is a Certified Kids Yoga Instructor, Teaching Artist and Professional Bollywood Performer.

To find out more about her, click on the “About” tab on the menu bar.