Junoon: A Tribute to Courage

Date: Saturday, October 19th

Time: 7pm (Doors open at 6pm)

Location: Ujima, 429 Plymouth Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14213

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This production is the third showcase we are presenting to the community. As you know, executing events on this scale takes a lot of time, effort and costs. We are seeking donations to help to alleviate the costs of putting on such a production. I would like to invite you and/or your business to support our efforts to share our love of Indian dance with the community.

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We hope to earn your support, and see all of you at the show this year!​

About The Show

Junoon: A Tribute to Courage derived from Gaitrie Devi’s definition of “courage”. To her it means strength, resilience and determination. And what it has meant to her over the past year. 

“A lot of it has been through the influence of my children” -Devi

The experiences and situations have given her the courage that she needed to get her family through some very rough times.

“Honestly, when I decided to produce a show this year, after just having my twin girls I thought I was over my head” -Devi

But, it was her desire to reconnect with the community and share with them something very special. It was also to show her children that focusing on your passion will give you many opportunities and open many doors. 

Creating this showcase meant a lot to her. There was also a lot of learning that went into it. From trying to balance her new life as a mom of three, to having so many hours in the day but yet having no hours in the day to create and compose while juggling three kids and a household. It has been a bumpy road to say the least!

One of the pieces is a revival from her first showcase “Chandni” talks about growth after chaos; “what happened is done, the sun will rise again and you’ve been through so much pain and tears and now you will only see shine.” She took this piece and brought it back to life because it connected a lot with what she wanted this show to be about, Courage!