Bollywood and jazz fill out the 44th season of UB’s elite dance company

The Zodiaque Dance Company is an elite group, only accepting 28 of the 90 dance students at UB, according to program director Kerry Ring. The dancers must commit to rehearsals up to five days a week, including weekends, which can last as many as 11 hours at a time in the stuffy dance studios of the Center for the Arts (CFA).

“It is a short amount of time,” Subryan said. “They have a lot on their plates, so they probably have choreography overload and I’m slamming them with a lot of other things. But they’re doing great.”

Shakti: A Bollywood Dance Showcase at Shea’s Smith Theater

Devi Bollywood Dance is at it again, with a reboot of Shakti: A Bollywood Dance Showcase. Revisiting their sold-out performance from April, director Gaitrie Subryan returns to the stage at Shea’s Smith Theater with her cast of skilled, multi-cultural dance artists, musicians, and even a few special guests.

Gaitrie Subryan: Shimmying with Shakti

“When I moved to Buffalo in 2012 I struggled to find a dance class or instructor that would let me continue to grow as a Bollywood artist. I did not find anything in terms of classes and workshops like I had experienced in New York City…I wanted to give the community an opportunity to experience the dance forms that came from India. My training and teachers mentored me to bring this to the community,” Gaitrie explained.

NPR: Bollywood dance studio teaches storytelling through motion

Take a look at any guide to starting a business and you’re likely to find first among the recommended steps, to research your market and then formulate a business plan. But some entrepreneurs find success without a plan and instead follow their hearts, use their smarts, and catch a trend. WBFO’s Arts & Culture Desk producer Scott Sackett visited with a local performance artist who did just that, opening a studio in Buffalo for a cinematic style of dance that’s gaining enormous popularity worldwide.

Devi Bollywood Dance presents, Shakti: A Bollywood Dance Showcase

On Sunday, April 23, 2017 at 2:00pm at Shea’s Smith Theater, Devi Bollywood Dance presents, Shakti: A Bollywood Dance Showcase. The showcase is choreographed by Founder and Artistic Director, Gaitrie Subryan, and will include thirteen Bollywood pieces. Continue reading Devi Bollywood Dance presents, Shakti: A Bollywood Dance Showcase